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Halloween Contest 2013

MoF Group Rules

:star: Follow These Please! :star:

:bulletblack: Please respect the ideas and works of your fellow deviants. Constructive criticism can be a good thing but if you are found trolling, flaming, bashing, or harassing the artist you shall be kicked from the group and possible banned from DA depending on the seriousness of the issues.

:bulletorange: You MUST be a member of the group "Mistress of Fear" in order to *submit art or enter contests.

*Note: All submissions to the group shall be submitted into the "Featured" folder and shall be moved by the founder or co-founders into the correct folders.

:bulletblack: In this group we practice what would be called "anti-elitism" or "we just except everything". Your artwork doesn't have to be amazing (ex: doodles, sketches, half-finished), but the deviation has to be drawn by you.

:bulletorange: If you spot art theft please report the divination and send a note to the MoF's group founder mushi6618 or any one of the co-founders. We promise either the MoF group will resolve the issue or DA will.

:bulletblack: If you are going to submit an "art trade" deviation please make sure to include all of the deviants who had a hand in *making the deviation.

*Note: It would also be nice to add a description as to how much work you put into the piece!

:bulletorange: You are allowed to submit "free use" deviations to the group just make sure to say that they are 'free to use'. If you use a "free use" deviation please credit the deviant who created the original piece.

:bulletblack: If you submit a commissioned piece please make sure to credit the original artist and try to have a link to the original piece.

:bulletorange: Mature content submissions are allowed just make sure to put the appropriate filters on.

*Note: Mature content means: nudity, gore, and violence. Also, please remember to keep DA policies in mind when submitting works.

:bulletblack: Memes are accepted and should be MoF related. You must credit the original artist and have a link to the blank meme.

:bulletorange: Fan fiction is accepted and should be MoF related. Plagiarism is exactly the same as art theft and will be reported as such.

Group Info

A group dedicated to The Scarecrow, Jonathan Crane, and all his Mistresses/Masters.

This group supports JXB (JonathanXBecky). If you own a copy of Scarecrow Tales or Mistress of Fear, Scarecrow (Villains) #1 February 1998 then you should know about Becky Albright; Crane's assumed Mistress of Fear. But, hey what man or woman wouldn't want to be the yang to his yin, the terror to his fear?

Welcome my Mistresses and Masters of Fear...
Founded 5 Years ago
Apr 29, 2010


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Fan Club

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:pumpkin: Welcome to Mistress of Fear! :pumpkin:

:bulletorange: This is a group dedicated to all those who love DC's Scarecrow/Jonathan Crane, Becky Albright, and to whomever believes they can live up to the title Mistress or Mister of Fear.

:bulletblack: This group supports JXB or Jonathan :heart: Becky, so in other words it supports the *pairing (romantic or otherwise) of Jonathan Crane and Becky Albright from the DC comic: New Year's Evil: Scarecrow "Mistress of Fear", February 1998.

*Note: You don't have to support or even like this pairing in order to join the group, but just know that the founder mushi6618 promotes it.

:bulletorange: Members are encouraged to make themselves into their own Mistress or Mister of Fear! We even have a template.

*Note: For our male members, you may make a Mistress of Fear costume for yourselves or you may challenge The Scarecrow by making your own "Master of Fear" costume.

:bulletblack: The definition of a "Mistress or Mister of Fear": 1) Any group member who would like to become an *associate of The Scarecrow. 2) A created Original Character or "OC" that is an *associate of The Scarecrow. 3) A canon character (one actually created and used by DC) that had an *association with The Scarecrow. 4) An Alternate Universe or "AU" of a canon character that had an *association with The Scarecrow.

*Note: Your MoF's "association" with The Scarecrow can be based on a partnership, a friendship, a romantic relationship, being a relation, a revenge, as a fellow rogue, as competition, having been killed, having been a relation to Jonathan Crane, or just plain being a fan of the Scarecrow and wanting to see yourself in his universe.

:bulletorange: In MoF their are *six canon Mistresses of Fear: Becky Albright, Sherri Squires, Linda Friitawa, Lindsey, Molly Randall, and Scream Queen. These ladies have been associates of The Scarecrow. Basically, they have either aided him in a significant way, been an actual henchwoman, have been created for him in a DC plot, or have been one of his obsessions. These ladies have all been in an official DC comic or show.

*Note: Other DC canons (ex: Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Jervis Tetch) are NOT considered "MoF" unless proven otherwise. This isn't because the group frowns on the idea of these associations, but those other DC canons stand by themselves as Rogues or are sidekicks to other super-villains in the DC Universe.

:bulletblack: If you have an Original Characters or "OC" please feel free to submit your work. In MoF we encourage you to create your own version of what you would want a "Mistress or Mister of Fear" to be.

:star: Want to chat? Please go to the [ MistressofFear Chatroom ] on DA.

:star: Need to write? You can also visit [ Master-and-Mistress-of-Fear ] on FFNet.

:star: Have no clue about the comic? Please read the [ Mistress of Fear Comic ] complements of JXBplz.

:star: Hey! Now people can find our group using :icongrouple: were located in their: [ Batman Group Section ] here on DA!

:heart: Our wonderful group icon :iconmistress-of-fear: was created by :iconluni-doll:!




Hello to all!

First of all, sorry for the inactivity and lack of presence - I graduated from university at the end of this week and there was an extremely busy period leading to that.

Anyhow, I'm pleased to announce a small contest:

Theme: New Year's Evil
:bulletblack: The topic of this contest is to create a piece inspired by the comic which led to the creation of this group - New Year's Evil: Scarecrow "Mistress of Fear", February 1998.

:bulletwhite: You are encouraged to be creative about your inspiration!
Random ideas: create a 'sequel' scene of the comic, do a Scarecrow drawing in the style of the comic, design your own Mistress of Fear's tattered dress, illustrate or write a character-centric piece about Becky Albright... Anything goes!

:bulletred: Have fun and feel free to show your inspiration thoughts in your artist comments. :)


:bulletblack: Your entry must be your own work and submitted for this contest (so no old deviations from 2010, etc.). Submit to the contest by giving a link to your piece in this blog entry!
:bulletwhite: You may enter as many times as you'd like, but can win only 1 prize.
:bulletred: All mediums accepted: writing, visual arts (traditional or digital), cosplay, crafts...

Deadline: February 1, 2014

1st Place: small gift package (art supplies or a DC comic as available in my town)
+ feature in Cream of the Crop folder, 3 month group feature, llama badges
2nd Place: 50 dA points, 3 month group feature, llama badges
3rd Place: 25 dA points, 3 month group feature, llama badges

Donations of any kind of prizes (points, sketches...) are most welcome!

:snowflake: Good luck! :snowflake:
I hope everyone has had an enjoyable Halloween!

If you made a costume yourself this year, here is a good place to link it, so we can see the fun! :pumpkin: I'm also looking for some Scarecrow cosplay pieces to feature, so feel free to suggest some!

We didn't get entries for our Halloween contest this year, but if anyone's still interested in participating with a little something, the prizes are still valid until the end of this month.


I am hoping to organise some neat activities and contests in 2013/2014 and I will form a calender of them (with help from your feedback). Here is the list of ideas:

1)MoF Collab: To draw all the Mistresses of Fear on white/transparent backgrounds and create a big wallpaper image of them.

2) Winter Pageant - I loved participating in the MoF Pageant way back, so I really hope to revive that somehow. Draw an OC or canon MoF in winter attire!

3) Crossover Crane - A contest to draw or write Crane as a character in a different fandom and to explain in the artist's comment area what his role is in that world and why it fits him.

I don't know what a good prize would be for the contest? For a better incentive, I thought maybe something 'real', like a paperback novel or some art supplies?
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